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Welcome to the iCross+Dot blog, where our principal focus is photo and digital organizing. From time to time, we may branch out into other topics to provide solutions to pesky problems, highlight helpful products and services or simply share interesting or entertaining information. That’s the way life happens, right? A little of this, and a little of that, and so it shall be with the iCross+Dot blog. The field is wide open at this point, so let’s give ourselves some flexibility. In any event, we’re glad you’re here!

First things first. Let’s talk about photo organizing a bit.

Life is a series of moments and a collection of experiences that develop over time into a unique story – your story. Photographs are the visual reminders of the people, places and events that have meaning. They tell your story by capturing the past and preserving it for the future, transforming memories into a legacy to be enjoyed for generations to come. Your story is meant to be shared, and the place to begin is with your photographs.

We often have photographs scattered among old photo albums and scrapbooks, stuffed into boxes and bins, saved on computers, smartphones, tablets, flash drives, memory cards and elsewhere. Even worse, those disorganized photos are at risk. They could easily be lost to fire, flood, equipment failure or simple forgetfulness. What kind of story does that tell? Surely not the one that celebrates your life and its moments big and small.

That’s where photo organizing comes in. At iCross+Dot, we can provide customized photo organizing solutions that preserve your treasured memories and help you tell your unique story the way you would like it to be told. We work with you to ensure that your photo collection is organized, protected, accessible, shared and enjoyed for generations to come. When a photo collection is neglected, memories fade, stories go untold, and precious history is lost forever.

Many of us spend a significant amount of time and money to maintain and protect possessions like cars, furniture and clothing, all of which can be replaced. Unfortunately, we often don’t give our photos – our irreplaceable possessions and memories – a second thought. That’s why making an investment to protect your photo collection is such a wise decision. In fact, it’s priceless.

We would love to hear about your photo organizing challenges and how we can help you. Get started today and experience the peace of mind and delight that come with knowing your collection will be protected and enjoyed for generations to come.

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