Welcome to iCross+Dot, where we provide customized photo organizing solutions that preserve your treasured memories and help you tell your unique story. We want to ensure that your photo collection is organized, protected, accessible, shared and enjoyed for generations to come. When a photo collection is neglected, memories fade, stories go untold, and precious history is lost forever. Are you overwhelmed by your photo collection and unsure how best to memorialize your family’s most important moments? We can help!

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Customized Solutions

Every client, every collection and every story is unique. We offer customized photo organizing solutions to meet your needs by focusing on your objectives and working with your goals and priorities in mind.

Exceptional Service

Your most prized photos and memorabilia deserve the very best treatment. We combine professional equipment, premium supplies and meticulous attention to detail to provide an exceptional client experience.

Trusted Advisors

Ever-changing technology can be a blessing and a burden. We stay abreast of evolving trends and partner with the industry's best companies and colleagues to bring you leading photo solutions.

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